Air Pollution Control System

Air Pollution Control System

Shivas Projects is a leading Air Pollution Control System Manufacturers. Our comprehensive range of Air pollution control systems are designed and developed as per the latest technologies. These technologically advanced systems are successfully meeting the varied requirements of air handling applications in different industries.

Fume Exhaust Systems

Highly efficient custom designed solutions for removal of air borne pollutants from your process area. Various system are designed & commissioned on turn-key basis, based on your plant requirements, such as:

  • Top or Canopy Hood Suction.
  • Side or Lateral Suction.
  • Push-Pull Suction for large open Tanks.
  • Direct Suction from Closed Vessels.
  • Laboratory Bench Fume Hoods.
  • Bio-gas & ETP Hoods / Domes / Covers.
Air Pollution Control System Manufacturers

Wet Scrubbers

For meeting pollution norms as well as for product reaction / recovery, various configurations are designed for various fumes / gases, such as:

  • Multi-stage Sieve Tray Scrubbers.
  • Multi-stage Impingement Scrubbers.
  • Wetted wall columns.
  • Venturi Scrubbers.
  • Packed Bed Columns.
  • Spray Towers.

Ducts & Plenums

India's Leading Air Pollution Control System Manufacturers. For removal & treatment of fumes / gases / dusts from source, we offer complete solutions from designing to fabrication to erection of ducts & required accessories in engineering plastic fabrications. Generously sized & precisely fabricated flanges ensure leak-proof jointing. Accessories offered include long radius bends, Tees & other joints, gaskets, hardware & supports.

High efficiency Suction Hoods

We are one of the Top Air Pollution Control System Manufacturers. We have expertise to design suction Hoods for difficult applications requiring ease of access to the source. In general our suction Hoods need less air flow (& hence less power for air movement). Suction Holes & slots on the Hood faces are carefully designed to offer maximum capture rate of pollutants & less fugitive emissions.

Air Pollution Control Systems