Chemical Storage Tanks

Chemical Storage Tanks

Due to the present industrial growth and development, the need for storage tanks is rising every day. It has also increased the number of Chemical Storage Tanks Manufacturers in the market. To cater to all these industrial needs, we are manufacturing and supplying high-quality chemical storage and industrial tanks. For processing different chemicals and liquids and storing them safely, storage tanks are a must.

Shivas Projects is one of the leading names among the top chemical storage tank manufacturers. We provide end-to-end chemical storage tank solutions to all our clients dealing in varied industries. Our chemical storage tanks are suitable for chemical industries, food & beverage industries, oil refining industries, and pharmaceutical industries.

Chemical Storage Tanks

We manufacture chemical storage tanks and vessels in different sizes and shapes – square, round, horizontal, vertical, cylindrical, conical, and many others. To fulfill the needs of our clients, we also manufacture customized chemical storage tanks. We make use of abrasive-resistant, corrosion-resistant, and high-grade materials to manufacture chemical storage tanks. We follow the industrial standard for manufacturing all the chemical storage tanks at Shivas Projects.

Features of Shivas Projects Chemical Storage Tanks

  • Heavy-duty chemical storage tanks are suitable for highly reactive chemicals and high temperatures.

  • Chemical storage tanks are suitable according to industry standards.

  • Withstand harsh weather conditions and ultraviolet rays.

  • Dustproof to avoid any kind of reaction with chemicals and liquids.

  • Corrosion-resistant chemical storage tanks are suitable for corrosive chemicals.

  • Heat and flame-resistant chemical storage tanks suitable for flammable liquids and chemicals.

  • 100 percent leakage proof to avoid spillage of chemicals or hazardous liquid.

  • Low-maintenance chemical storage tanks.

  • Suitable for both industrial as well as domestic use.

  • Highly durable chemical storage tanks available at affordable price.

  • Being one of the best chemical storage tank manufacturers, Shivas Projects get all the chemical storage tanks tested to ensure the quality of these tanks. We have chemical storage tanks that are ready to install. We also provide repairing and modification facility for all the chemical storage tanks manufactured and supplied by us.

    Why choose us?

    Our team of professionals does understand that different industries may require different types of chemical storage tanks. We manufacture customized chemical storage tanks according to the requirement shared by clients. If you are looking for the best chemical storage tank manufacturers, connect with us. We guarantee to supply highly durable and non-reactive chemical storage tanks at competitive prices.