Phosphating Plant Manufacturers

Phosphating Plant Manufacturers

Shivas Projects is one of the prestigious Phosphating Plant Manufacturers across the country. We export the plant which particularly provides crystalline conversion coating for carbon steel, low-alloy steel, cast iron, and other elements made of zinc and non-ferrous metals substrates. This phosphating process is formed with a solution of zinc, iron, or manganese phosphate salt in phosphoric acid so the plant is commonly known as a phosphating plant. It is processed either by immersing or by spraying the solution onto the substrates. This prior coating method increases the friction properties of sliding components and also improves corrosion protection to the metal accessories.

Specialized in manufacturing Phosphating Plant, we are dedicated to providing quality assured plants to our patrons. To deliver a superior grade product, we use first-rated virgin material which is primarily checked by our quality excerpts. We have an in-house manufacturing facility with well-settled infrastructure which facilitates completely secured and sky-high machinery. Our crackerjack professionals use their advanced techniques for the successful completion of each project. Thus our fabricated plants come along with features such as functional efficiency, durability, sturdiness, and extreme production. These priceless features meet several benefits to the user end which are including:

Key Benefits of our Phosphating Plant

  • Provides strong adhesion and corrosion protection

  • Increases anti-galling and rust-inhibiting features

  • Creates a hardly soluble conversion layer made of metal phosphates

  • Provides anti-wear Coating efficiency as lubricant carries

  • Excellently acts in cold metal operations like wire drawing, cold forming, etc.

  • The coating function runs around the clock

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