Pickling Plant Manufacturers

Pickling Plant Manufacturers

Counted as one of the prominent Pickling Plant Manufacturers. Shivas Projects Pickling Plant Tanks is highly popular in the market due to their Best Quality in India.

Shivas Projects is one of the leading Pickling Plant Manufacturers with the help of a technically sound and highly qualified team in our ultramodern manufacturing facility. Our range of Products is manufactured using chemical-resistant thermoplastic. They are welded with hot gas extrusion and with other modern technologies. These Products are available in different sizes and sizes to suit the batch and continuous pickling needs of industries such as wire, sheet metal components, and pipe mills.

The fumeless pickling lines can be used for multi-wire pickling operations and offer smooth pickling with no air pollution-related problems. We supply a completely covered and compact unit that is packed with rinsing sections on each end of the line. Our Fumes extraction system includes a scrubber system, impeller, ducting, and chimney. They are known for Lifting Hooks, Fire retardancy, UV Protection, and Static grounding arrangements. They are fabricated with Wind load, Seismic load & man load in mind.

Benefits of Pickling Plant

The Pickling Plant designed by us offers multiple benefits, including:

  • 100% leak-proof
  • Low rejection
  • Better pickling quality
  • Less pickling time.
  • Correction resistant
  • Less pickling tank
  • Increased productivity
  • Low production cost
Pickling Plant

Besides, these products are durable, dimensionally accurate, easy installation, Acid & Alkali proof, and corrosion resistive. They are High strong products and have high load capacity. With the Products manufactured by Shivas Projects, there is no need for installing any air pollution control device because fumes are not allowed to escape.

Salient Features

Being one of the leading Pickling Plant Manufacturers, we provide MS Structural support for larger tanks that come with a cascade water flow system. They have provisions for inlet, overflow, drain, heaters, thermometers, air agitation, recycling, cathode movement, sampling, dosing, and slant bottom for sludge collection. They contain covering hoods for long pickling lines. Our products come with a long Life - more than 10 years, Lightweight, High Tensile Strength, Sturdy & Excellent finish. They are corrosion-resistant and chemical resistant and require zero maintenance.

Manufacturing using FRP and other engineering plastics and other top-grade raw materials, our products provide long life as well as many other benefits for wire industries using acid for wire cleaning. Further, we manufacture products according to international standards.

Quality Assurance

As one of the best Pickling Plant Manufacturers, Shivas Projects focus on quality assurance. To achieve this, our quality inspection experts conduct several testing, such as Impact Test, productivity test, and test related to tensile and impact resistance properties. Before the final dispatch of all products, Rigorous Quality checks are employed.