Electro Pickling

Electro Pickling

Electro Pickling Manufacturers

Shivas Projects is leading Electro Pickling Manufacturers. Fumeless Pickling Lines are used for in-process continuous multi-wire pickling operations. This totally indigenous fumeless acid pickling line offers hassle-free pickling with no air pollution related problems. This compact, totally covered unit has built-in wire rinsing sections on each end of the line. There is no need to install any air pollution control devices as fumes are not allowed to escape. Made out of FRP and other engineering plastics, it offers a long life coupled with many other advantages for wire industries using acid for wire cleaning.

Single Wire Inline Pickling

For inline pickling and surface preparation of wires before drawing operation. Complete set up with mechanical de-scaler, rinsing, electro pickling, air wiping etc.

Pickling Plant Manufacturers

Coil/Tube Batch Pickling Plants

Manual & fully automated plants to suit clients’ requirements designed for optimum use of chemicals & minimum environment loss. These plants are offered for coils (Low carbon/high carbon/SS), pipe tubes, precision tubes.

  • Manual/Fully automated Single/double hoist transporters with tilting arrangement wherever required.
  • All tanks with suitable material of construction for a long service life.
  • High efficiency heating & cooling system with required temperature controls.
  • High efficiency Fume Scrubbers .
  • Automation of some or all process parameters as per requirements.

Shivas Projects is leading Counted as Top Electro Pickling Manufacturers. So, if you require any products at the best price, then contact us..