FRP Storage Tank

Best FRP Storage Tank

FRP Storage Tank

FRP Storage Tank is fiberglass-reinforced plastic storage tank that are widely used in varied industrial applications these days. These storage tanks are the best replacement for tanks made using steel due to their excellent properties. At Shivas Projects, we have been manufacturing a wide range of FRP storage tanks to match several industrial needs. We are one of the renowned FRP Storage Tank & FRP Tank manufacturers in India.

We offer the best storage tank solutions to all our clients by manufacturing storage tanks with excellent features. As a leading FRP Storage Tank & FRP Tank manufacturer, we use comprehensive fabrication techniques and engineering to design multi-utility FRP storage tanks. We have been offering FRP Tanks and installation support to all our clients worldwide.

FRP Storage Tank

Some of the applications of FRP tanks are fire water cisterns, oil fields, wastewater treatment plants, aerospace, plating, chiller water storage, potable water storage, blending tanks, water treatment plants, chemical storage tanks, metal extraction, fertilizer industry, food processing, refining, air pollution control equipment, and many other.

Features of Shivas Projects FRP Storage Tank & FRP Tank Manufacturers

  • Reliable and durable FRP Storage Tanks.

  • Lightweight FRP Storage tanks which are easy to install.

  • High resistivity to chemicals and electric current.

  • Resistant to weather conditions, ultraviolet rays, corrosion, and abrasion.

  • Flexible and easy to customize by drilling, cutting, and joining.

  • Easy to maintain with low maintenance cost.

  • Cost-friendly FRP Storage Tanks that are suitable for multiple industries.

  • Why choose Shivas Projects FRP Storage Tanks?

    At Shivas Projects, we believe in delivering quality over quantity. That is why; we have a dedicated quality team working towards the quality assurance of all our FRP Storage Tanks. Being one of the top FRP Storage Tank & FRP Tank manufacturers, we get high-grade raw materials from top suppliers. Our quality team has formulated several policies and tests to maintain quality throughout the manufacturing process.

    With the help of our experts and their innovative solutions, we have successfully delivered the finest quality FRP tanks and storage tanks to several clients across the globe. If you need FRP Storage Tanks for any kind of liquid or chemical storage, connect with Shivas Projects. Our professionals will help you get the desired FRP storage tanks according to your industrials needs. We assure you to deliver FRP tanks given time and at the best prices.