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Fume Scrubber

Shivas Projects is one of the top Fume Scrubber Manufacturers, suppliers, distributors, and exporters. Our fume scrubbers are effective enough to separate chemical fumes from an airstream. Working based on the principles of evaporative condensation and cooling, these products can remove entrained liquid particles, mist, noxious corrosive gasses, and vapors. Some other common pollutants removed by fume scrubbers include hydrogen sulfide, chromic acid, ammonia, chlorides, fluorides, and sulfur dioxide.

At Shivas Projects, we manufacture and supply high-quality fume scrubbers that can be widely used in various organizations. We can customize these scrubbers to meet your specific needs. In general, fumes are chemicals used in manufacturing processes such as chemical processing, metal finishing, food, pharmaceutical, and more. There are some variations in the design of scrubbers. The basic unit contains a shell, packing (one or more sections), packing supports, liquid distributor, intermediate supports and redistributors, gas and liquid entrance and exit nozzles, and a pump for liquid circulation.

Fume Scrubber

Suitable Applications

Fume scrubbers supplied by Shivas Projects can remove alkaline, acidic, soluble organic gasses, odors, and vapors from a gas stream. We are an independent fabrication of fume scrubbers and design scrubbers for every industry and application, including but not limited to Food Processing, Metal Plating Lines, Acid Etching Lines, Metal Pickling Lines, Solvent Bulk Storage, Metal Finishing Lines, Pharmaceutical Blending, Chemical/Acid Bulk Storage, Chemical Mixing Operations, Chemical Processing Equipment, Pharmaceutical Production, and Chemical Cleaning/Milling Lines.


Our scrubbers are ideal for Acid Mist Scrubbing, especially in Pickling & Plating applications to cater to Pollution control norms. They offer a high amount of active surface area along with random dumped packing and highly efficient mass transfer coupled with non-clogging features. They can break the lid streams into multiple. Even surface films create intimate gas or liquid contact at a low-pressure drop.

They require the least maintenance options for Acid mist scrubbing. The capacity can range from 2000 m3/hr to 1,00,000 m3/hr. At Shivas Projects, we can design, fabricate and commission Packed Bed Absorbers & Scrubbers for a wide range of Fumes & Gases that include HCL, NH3, Acid mists, Chlorine, etc.