PP Pickling Tank

PP Tank Manufacturers

India's top PP Tank Manufacturers. Shivas Projects PP Pickling Tank is highly popular in the market due to their Best Quality in India.

Chemical and pickling industries require corrosion-resistant and leak-proof tanks. It is quite necessary for the chemical and pickling processes that take place in these industries. To cater to such needs, PP Tanks are the ones that are best suited. But to get high-quality PP or Pickling Tanks, one must buy them from the best PP Pickling Tank & PP tank manufacturers.

We at Shivas Projects have been manufacturing and supplying high-grade Polypropylene tanks for years. We are known for manufacturing PP tanks which can be utilized in multiple chemical processes in varied industries. With years of experience and excellent engineering expertise, we fabricate PP Tanks that have high resistance to corrosive chemicals. All these pickling tanks are welded using hot gas extrusion which makes them fully leakproof and durable.

PP Pickling Tanks

We are one of the top PP Pickling Tank & PP Tank manufacturers and suppliers in PAN India as well as the global market. At Shivas Projects, we also manufacture customized PP Tanks for different industries and clients according to their requirements. Our Polypropylene Pickling tanks come in different shapes that are round, rectangular, cylindrical, and horizontal.

    Features of Shivas Projects PP/Pickling Tanks.
  • Manufactured using high-quality industrial thermoplastic polymer.
  • Highly resistant to fire, chemicals, and corrosive liquids.
  • Can withstand weather changes, ultraviolet rays, and high temperatures.
  • Are lightweight with excellent finish, high tensile strength, and 100% leakproof.
  • Requires low to zero maintenance.
  • Comes with high durability.
  • Customizable PP Tanks in different shapes and sizes are available for multiple industries.

  • Suitable for different pickling processes.

  • Why buy PP Tanks from Shivas Projects?

    We make use of optimum-quality Polymer sheets to fabricate durable and crack-proof pickling tanks. Being one of the top PP Tank manufacturers, we have the well-equipped infrastructure and modern technology to manufacture highly functional PP Tanks. We adhere to global industry standards in manufacturing these pickling tanks to match clients’ expectations. With the help of several quality checks and tests, our team of experts ensures to deliver of PP tanks that are of best use for our clients.